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happy birthday HYDE♥

happy birthday HYDE♥ i love you i love you♥ haha. i'm sad i cant really do anything to celebrate it. but i guess it'd be weird if i had a whole party for him when i dont even know him loll.

nothing's been that exciting lately. besides the fact that the colts are going to the super bowl! i've been completely obsessed with olivia. i actually went to go buy her 'the cloudy dream' album but they didnt have itt! so i just took that as a sign that i shouldnt buy it and save my money for later. andd i feel like deleting my myspace and facebook accounts. i never use it, just to stay up to date with some high school and japanese school friends but thats about it. i'm so anti-social haha. but i like being that way (wow that sounds really emo). aanyhoo HAPPY BIRTHDAY HYDE♥ haha
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