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moved [
2.22.07 - 12:20 am
i moved my lj to here.

happy birthday HYDE♥ [
1.29.07 - 5:08 pm
happy birthday HYDE♥ i love you i love you♥ haha. i'm sad i cant really do anything to celebrate it. but i guess it'd be weird if i had a whole party for him when i dont even know him loll.

nothing's been that exciting lately. besides the fact that the colts are going to the super bowl! i've been completely obsessed with olivia. i actually went to go buy her 'the cloudy dream' album but they didnt have itt! so i just took that as a sign that i shouldnt buy it and save my money for later. andd i feel like deleting my myspace and facebook accounts. i never use it, just to stay up to date with some high school and japanese school friends but thats about it. i'm so anti-social haha. but i like being that way (wow that sounds really emo). aanyhoo HAPPY BIRTHDAY HYDE♥ haha

1.21.07 - 7:28 pm

the colts are going to the super bowl!!!!!! i'm so so so happy right now. i actually stopped watching during the second quarter cus i couldnt watch anymore. but i started watching again during the second half loll. and they won!! i'm so excited and happy. both cus they're finally going to the super bowl, and because they beat the patriots! ahhhhh♥

hyde doll [
12.29.06 - 5:00 pm

marc made me a hyde doll for christmas loll. its a lot better than i expected! i love the tongue and the mean look haha. i didnt even know that he was gonna make a guitar! he's more creative than me ahah. besides this he gave me the potc2 dvd which i watched last night♥ i love johnny depp♥ whats with me and older guys? haha. well only hyde and johnny depp. yesterday i went to lunch with my family and the families of the people my dad works with. the little boy that i help do his english hw was there, and i just found out that his mom is the same age as hyde loll. iii dont care. age doesnt matter when it comes to hyde♥

the holiday [
12.19.06 - 10:26 pm
i watched 'the holiday' and i ended up liking it more than i thought. and i dont understand why so many people hate cameron diaz! i think she's really cute and fun. kate winslet's character was so sad and pathetic.. haha. but i like her too. i've been watching a lot of 'family guy' lately. stewie is too funny. oh yeah i found out yesterday that cocco's not gonna be on kouhaku anymore. i'm sooo disappointed. now i dont even wanna watch it. butt ayumi's singing 'jewel' so i guess i'll watch that part haha

king taco = ♥ [
12.15.06 - 9:05 pm
omgg i just had king taco♥ i love it i love it i love ittt!! but now i'm soo full i'm about to explode. king taco makes me high haha. anyways.. i made this cake today and it looked really bad haha. but it was still good! every time i make something, it doesnt look good. i wish i was really good at cooking. and singing. which reminds me... i wanna go karaoke!!!!! i wish there was someplace closer. but maybe thats a good thing cus then i wouldnt go all the time haha

new start [
12.13.06 - 9:53 pm
hello : ) i stopped using lj a while ago.. but i decided to start writing in it again. even though i never have anything to really talk about.. ahah. my winter break started last week and i've been bored since then. but i love sleeping in and not worrying about stupid papers and tests♥ i've been really obsessed with olivia's 'wish' and utada hikaru's 'making love'. i never noticed that song in her album until like a week ago and i've been listening to it all the time since then. and i've been watching lots of dramas. i'm gonna be really sad when 'nodame cantabile' ends.. its one of the best dramas i've seen in a while. aanyways i'm off to watch 'click' for the 4th time in the past 5days haha.

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